Jack Newman and Amy’s New Dog

By Wednesday, March 30, 2016

When I was about 12 years old, I remember my father being called out on one of his garage door repair jobs, much like any other day when he would set off in the morning with his truck full of tools and spare parts.

On this day, and I will explain why I remember this one so well a bit later, he set off and promised to try to get home early so we could all go out to the park for a picnic while the sun was still shining. It was July and the weather had been perfect for weeks. We spent as much time as possible outside when it was like this. My father, my mother and I all loved being outdoors and would always try to make the most of the sunshine.

My father was going to look at a garage door somewhere in the city that the owner said would no longer open. Apparently it wasn’t a very old one, probably one of those doors constructed from sheet metal embossed with panels and a remote control to open and close it, like a Liftmaster or Alister type of door. When he arrived at the property he was met by a lady who lived there and she took him to the garage and explained the problem. It seemed to my father that the problem was probably the electrical drive motor or the remote control actuator. She left him to check it and it didn’t take long for him to work out that something had happened with the electrical supply to the motor. After a thorough check and having tested everything, he reset the system and everything worked fine.

A man’s best friend…

As he went to find the owner to tell her the good news, he found her in the back yard with her dogs. She explained that she had one dog and had recently found the other one, abandoned and hungry and it looked as though she had not been very well treated. The cute looking dog was a West Highland White Terrier, a ‘Westie’, who looked very smiley and happy despite apparently having been abandoned. The owner said that she was desperately trying to find a new home for her visitor as she couldn’t keep both of them.

Highland White Terrier

My father knew I really wanted a dog, although I had always talked about a puppy, but he thought that it would be much better to help a dog find a new loving home than to buy a puppy, and so he agreed with the lady that we would give the cute little Westie a loving home and nurse her back to full health and happiness.

So that’s why I remember that day so well. Not only did my father finish work so early by doing a quick repair on the electric drive motor for the garage door so he could fulfil his promise to be home early and take us for a picnic, but he also fulfilled one of my dreams of owning a dog. I was so happy when he got home with ‘Candy’, a four-year-old very cute Westie who then, of course, joined us on our picnic that day and almost everywhere I went for the next 9 years after that!

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