Hi! My name is Amy. I know it seems pretty strange – a blog about garage doors? How much could a person talk about that? Well, let me put it this way: you’d be surprised!

I thought about creating this blog when my dad got sick and now I’m finally doing it because his condition is worsening. He is 71 years young and has Alzheimer’s disease. I figured, if I don’t get his stories down quickly, they could disappear forever.


So What’s The Point, You May Ask…


This is going to sound redundant, but my father is a very special man (I know, I know, every daddy’s girl says that!). I feel, though, that his stories are worth sharing because maybe they will help spread the idea that being kind and genuinely caring about “thy neighbor” is vital for us as a community, a people, and a nation.

My father, Jack Newman, was born on October 12, 1944. One bright day when he was 16, the brand new Crawford Marvel-Lift garage door his family installed malfunctioned. My father – Jack – stayed by his father’s side for hours and watched as he fiddled with the opener, trying to find the problem and fix it. My father was instantly hooked; all the screws, cables, and springs fascinated him. Learning all the inner workings of the garage door quickly became a hobby and, a few years later, even became a job. He began as a repairman and worked his way up until he was finally able to open his own business – the true American dream.


American Flag - American Dream


Over the many years, he has been in the business, my father has met countless people. He has always been a good listener; his favorite part of the job is getting to know the people he helps. As far back as I can remember, my father would come home from work and share other people’s stories with us around the dinner table. I think these stories are important to remember for many reasons, but mostly I want to give my kids and our family’s future generations the opportunity to see a side of a man they would have otherwise missed.

Read Jack Newman’s stories. Share them. Learn from them. I hope they not only help you with your garage door, but help you feel connected to our community, our people, our nation as well.

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